“Women like Janne are more than important, they are vital to the fabric of this society. She exudes strength and grace in a combination like few I’ve ever known and her words are reminders, often fierce, often gentle, to that deep well of power inside her. As long as she writes, I’ll read.” 
—Tyler Knott Gregson, author of Chasers of the Light



Conversations With Grief


What a few years of grief it has been for our planet.

In true mortality, and in deep changes or endings to many aspects of our identity and relationships.

In our lives there are the big griefs that we may name and know more familiarly—death of loved ones, divorces, break ups, careers ending.

And there are also little griefs—friendships growing apart quietly without formal conversations,  familial ruptures left open, beloved co-workers transitioning, moving and grieving the landscape and environment both in the home and natural world that once nourished and resourced us.

In my life, poetry has been one of the deepest ways to self process, reflect and complete parts of my story.

It’s been a container of transformation for me.

When you write you are present to yourself in a way you may not have experienced before.

Intimate in a way I believe we all owe ourselves.

It’s a way to see ourselves and move forward lighter, more empty and holding on a little less.

I joke that my therapist is my pen and she saves me every time—except it’s really not a joke at all. 

I want you to experience first hand what it’s like to pen out your soul onto paper—in a poem.

Many of us as adults don’t want to try new things because we are afraid of failing or not being good at something.

But what we’ve missed in that is the deep importance of our relationship with creativity and expression.

Whether you are a writer, or have never written a poem in your life—this workshop is for you.

Come join us on this recorded poetry workshop and learn the art of somatic and embodied storytelling through poetry + experience the liberation of writing your own story down.

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“Poetry is very old. It’s very sacred. It wishes for a community — it’s a community ritual, certainly. And that’s why, when you write a poem, you write it for anybody and everybody. And you have to be ready to do that out of your single self. It’s a giving. It’s always — it’s a gift. It’s a gift to yourself, but it’s a gift to anybody who has a hunger for it." -Mary Oliver



Conversations With Grief

Join Janne for this recorded 90-minute transformation through poetry workshop.

  • Introduction from Janne on how poetry has the ability to transform and heal not only ourselves but this world
  • Janne will read a poem themed on grief
  • Prompts and instruction will be provided on how to drop into embodied and somatic expression of story for participants in how to write a poem.
  • Learn the art of somatic and embodied storytelling through poetry + experience the liberation of writing your own story down.

Total Price: $97



Conversations With Grief

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"In a consumer society we are starving for the real and authentic. Janne's words nourish that craving. If that which is spoken from the heart is sacred, these poems are like prayers." -Dianne Whelan

About Janne Robinson

My genius is expression. Over the past 8 years I have published 100’s of articles on Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Elephant Journal. I am the author of two books of poetry “This is for the Women who Don’t Give a Fuck” & “There’s Cobwebs on Her Vagina” and as a coach and facilitator I have taught 1000’s of people how to express and live their truth. I share slabs of my heart with this world for a living and teach others that their truth, their voice and ultimately who they are belongs. I am a world builder. My work has been featured on BBC, The Today Show, Sydney Morning Herald, Women’s Health Magazine, INC, Forbes and The Daily Mail.



A recorded poetry + writing workshop on transforming and releasing grief.