Firstly, let’s get this straight. This is a container for growth and development but it’s also a container for bad bitches.

This is for the women who don't give a fuck mastermind.                                         

Renaissance women are multifaceted, multidimensional women who know they are large and contain multitudes. For me being a woman who doesn’t give a fuck means fully owning the full duality of who we are with boldness.

Over the course of the next four months in this intimate 15 woman container we will explore how to bring the bigness that you are to the world in a way that achieves greater impact.

How to overstep confusion around how to be one thing, and soften into the fact that you are everything. We will explore and define deeper sovereignty, and wholeness in every part of your life–from your business to relationships.

We will deeper commit to being the water that we are and the spice and cultivate at large a more aligned, balanced and nervous system, intelligent business, relationships and world for ourselves to live in.

Some of the themes and topics we will be focusing on are:

  • How to harness true Restoration & Rest to strengthen discernment and overcome the pattern of ambivalence in our lives.

  • Your Wellness is Your Business We will explore why your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self care practices are critical for running a business. Re-commit and get back in the momentum of your wellness so you can show up sharp, balanced and well.

  • We will work on somatic ways of identifying where ambivalence is coming from–giving a microphone to the different parts causing confusion and name them so you can have not just more clarity but more sustainable confidence in making choices in your business, and life at large.

  • Art. Having a relationship with creativity is having a relationship with source. We will take time in what your art is and the importance of being connected with this part of ourselves. Creating space for art is creating space for the messages and work you are meant to bring into this world to come through. You must create space for art and creativity.

  • Big Leap Where are you shying away from your bigness? What are your unique gifts and how are you giving them to the world? Is there a BIGGER way you could create impact with your work, gifts or art that you are shying away from. Here we will look at what limiting beliefs, patterns or stories are cock-blocking you from taking the big swing and then together we will support and hold eachother accountable to leaping into a bigger pond. Sure you are talking about wanting to write the book, the screenplay but are you actually willing to take a swing?

  • Run your Business from Wholeness many of us are running our business from survival mechanisms rather than wholeness. Learn to launch, teach and run your business from wholeness rather than stress/urgency/scarcity.

  • Learn life long time management tools for staying focused on what’s essential

  • Build your fuck yes calendar that has space for not just your clients, but also your non revenue producing projects, art and sacred family time.

  • Learn how to cultivate healthy availability and boundaries with clients

  • Define your “why”. You will have a 60 minute 1-1 call with Janne where you can work on naming your mission/purpose behind everything you do, or you can apply this time to any other thing you desire to give your attention to.

  • Art of Essentialism Learn to manage the overwhelm that can come with starting a new business OR success in your current business. Learn how to filter and say no to 90% of opportunities that aren’t a fuck yes. Get your time back. Have space to play, rest, nurture yourself and personal relationships. Create space for the projects and art that are in your genius zone. Re-structure and price the offerings that make you feel alive to offer and AXE the baggage of what you are no longer lit up by. Identify and deconstruct/unlink limiting beliefs you have around your business, finances and gifts

  • Money we will spend time exploring the origin of where your relationship with money comes from and how to come into right relation/greater attention and less fear with receiving.

    Please note: There are only 15 spots available for this Mastermind. This is an intimate container.

Let's Do This


Mastermind Monthly Schedule

Month 1

  • Wellness first // Restoration & Rest

    We are going to dive into accountability with why your wellness is the most important part of the business. We are going to dive into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self care that you need to show up and have anything to give.

    We will explore how exhaustion, working too much, and an unaligned business model affects your ability to discern with who to work with, what to offer to the world and ultimately the quality of the work you do.

    We will define where in your business you’re running your business from survival mechanisms vs wholeness.

    We will focus on what boundaries with clients, your business and yourself are needed moving forward.

    Do you really want clients to be able to text you? Do you like having email access to you? Do you check your emails at 2 AM? Where are your boundaries leaky? Are you letting your clients pay you late?

    We tighten shit up here because boundaries are how you guard your wholeness. Meet the version of you that does business from your center.

Month 2

  • I am large and contain multitudes.

    We will start this month making a home in the duality of who you are.

    “Do I contradict myself? Very well I contradict myself. I am large and I contain multitudes”. - Walt Whitman

    We will spend time embracing ALL the sides of who you are. Making the space that each of them requires.. Meeting your FULL self.

    Exploring and cultivating safety in the gray–It can be both.

    Part of being a renaissance woman is understanding that you are a Super Nova in a world full of planets and part of your suffering is because you were never meant to have one gift, one genius zone and probably not even to live in one place.

    Put down stress around it being one, and soften and relax into the bigness of who you are.

    We will work on cultivating deeper understanding, knowingness, intuition, safety and trust within you so that moving out into the world you are choosing experiences, opportunities, projects, friendships rather than being chosen.

Month 3

  • Art & Creativity

    We are all mothers of art. We are here to create–words, colors, sounds.

    What is your art? Are you in right relation with your creativity? Are you feeling fulfilled creatively? Do you feel that new ideas are coming through easily?

    Is there a book, project or piece of art that you are shying away from?

    Not anymore–part of this month will be holding each other accountable and spending time taking some big swings in either getting back into right relation with our creativity or making a big leap in our art/work.

    We will also identify what limiting beliefs you have around your art, gifts, making money from your art and or fear of success so that you can expand into deeper levels of abundance, success and happiness.

Month 4

  • Essentialism and how to support your nervous system

    Your nervous system needs you to get better at saying no.

    It’s a fuck yes or its a no.

    We are going to focus on using “no” in this month to about 90% of what comes at you–in life and in business so you have the spaciousness for your relationships, art and work.

    It's easy to look out at how others are running their business and completely forget to tune in to the wisdom you already have around how you want to give your gifts to the world.

    Build your fuck yes calendar that has space for not just your clients, but also your non revenue producing projects, art and sacred family time.

    Let’s get practical—define products, pricing and let go let go let go of anything not essential and a fuck yes.

    Learn the art of saying no to the opportunities/emails/DM’s/podcasts/collabs and shit constantly coming at you from other people and how to immediately create more space for what you’re here to do.

    Learn how to market/and make yourself available to the right clients from a place of ease, rather than urgency and stress.

    This portion will be a combination of life and business–and all will be applicable to both entrepreneurs and women who are working to support other companies/individuals.

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What does it include? When will the calls be?

Each month of this 4 month container will consist of (2) 2 hour calls and (1) 1 hour group call on Zoom.

I am going to spend the time to find the right women for this Mastermind. That being said, we’re looking at the second week in August will be our first call.

Yes, you will receive recordings of calls if you cannot attend.

There will also be a private WhatsApp group for women to connect with each other and check in between calls. Please note: Janne will not be in this group monitoring.  

You will also have (1) 60 minute 1-1 call with me at some point in the 4 months  to dive deep into a topic of your choice–I recommend using this to define your “why” if you are in transition with your work or feeling unclear on your purpose.

Lastly, let’s get this straight. This is a container for growth and development but its also a container for bad bitches.

See you inside.

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Please note: There are only 15 spots available for this Mastermind. This is an intimate container.

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This Is For The Women Who Don't Give A Fuck Mastermind